Eeeeepers… we don’t want you endlessly attempting to reach your goals… we want you soaring past them. There’s a common mistake many people make that is keeping you stickity stuck like crazy glue. Listen in as I share what it is!!

Mindset Tips

Avoid Making This Common Goal Setting Mistake…

Goal Setting mistake

It can feel exhausting when you pour your heart into creating a ton of content…only to feel like no one is buying from you. Whaaaaat? So frustrating, right? Not to worry… there’s a fix. In this video, I share a key piece of sharing your content that is absolutely essential. It also happens to be […]

Business Strategy

Content That Sells Requires This IMPORTANT Piece!

Content That Sells

Consistency can be a slippery creature at times… Listen in where I dish up a simple tip that will help you finally be more consistent so you can get more of what you really want in life & biz.

Mindset Tips

How to Be More Consistent So You Call In More Good Stuff!

How to Be More COnsistent